ICAO 38. Genel Kurulu

Büyükelçi, Daimi Temsilci Çağatay Erciyes 01.10.2013


Agenda Item 8: Statements by delegations of Member States


Honorable Ministers,
President of the Assembly,
President of the Council,
Secretary General,
Distinguished Delegates,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, allow me to congratulate you upon your election as the President of this august Assembly and wish all of us a very fruitful and successful session.

As one of the founding members of ICAO, Turkey is firmly committed to objectives of ICAO and fully supports its key role in setting global civil aviation standards and guidance for safety, security, efficiency and environment. Yet Turkey would like to contribute more to ICAO in view of the rapid development of her civil aviation sector in the last decade. If I may just give a few numbers;

Our passenger, cargo and aircraft traffic has increased nearly five-fold and the sector has grown ten times faster than the world average since 2003. Today total passenger movements in our airports have reached 131 million whereas it was only 34 million in 10 years ago. In addition to the existing aircraft fleet, Turkish air carriers have recently ordered 217 airbus and 95 boeing aircraft. We have now 52 airports, 31 of which are open to international traffic. Thanks to the BOT (Built, Operate and Transfer) model. We have recently undertaken the most ambitious project of building the largest airport in the world, in Istanbul with an annual capacity of 150 million passengers. Today our aviation sector provides almost 170.000 jobs and generates a contribution of 18 billion USD to our economy. Further figures can be found in our State Profile published in this month’s ICAO Journal.

As regards the aviation safety, Turkey keeps a good record. The Turkish DGCA has a comprehensive safety framework, placing a particular importance to safety management and regulatory approach. Turkey is a founding member of the SAFA (Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft) program and implements SAFA audits successfully. Turkey also fully supports the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme under Continuing Monitoring Approach. In this respect, we have recently been audited on a voluntary basis under the ICVM program. Similar oversight and standardization visits have been conducted by EUROCONTROL and EASA, which were all successfully completed.

Another important task in safety field is ATM related activities. General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI) provides air navigation services in Turkey covering an area of 1 million square kilometers. Turkey continues to invest in her ATM infrastructure and recently renewed it through the SMART project. Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA), close civil and military cooperation and harmonization of the systems are now at core of our ATM management.

The security is another important task. We are fully committed to the alignment of aviation security requirements with international practice. As part of this commitment, we are not only enhancing domestic security arrangements in our 52 airports but also expanding our international engagement through regional and global cooperation. Efforts to launch one stop security applications in cooperation with ECAC and the EU Commission are also underway. We also support the continuous monitoring approach for the universal security audit programme.

Environment is yet another challenge for international aviation. We fully support all ICAO initiatives to address aviation’s contribution to climate change and impacts on the environment. The Turkish action plan to reduce CO2 emissions is among the first plans presented to ICAO. We firmly believe that ICAO should continue to play a leading regulatory role in the establishment of a global framework in reducing carbon emissions in aviation sector.

Turkey continues to work actively in fostering international & regional cooperation in aviation. We lead 7 regional co-operation initiatives and concluded 80 agreements for that purpose. We provide assistance to a number of states in our region and beyond, including through several training programs. In the last 5 years, we set a record in terms of concluding bilateral air service agreements, now with 153 countries. Thanks to them, we have established the fastest growing flight network in the world. Our operators today fly directly to 237 destinations in 103 countries.

In view of the unprecedented development of our aviation sector, the Turkish Government is determined to assume a more active and constructive role in international civil aviation and prepared to shoulder more responsibilities within the ICAO. We will therefore seek the support of all ICAO members in the next General Assembly for Turkey’s membership to the ICAO Council after 66 years. Thanks to our ECAC partners which have recently endorsed our candidacy in 2016 from the newly established Black Sea-Caspian rotation group.

Yet we will not wait for 3 years to request the kind support of the Council members in considering My Government’s recent nomination to ANC, at the elections to be held during the 200th Session of the ICAO Council in next November.

Mr. President,

Let me conclude by commending You, the President of the Council, the Secretary General and the Secretariat for all the tremendous efforts that you have put in the preparation of 38th Assembly. And finally allow me to congratulate the states which have just been elected to the Council. We wish them and the Assembly full success.

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