Ulaştırma, Denizcilik ve Haberleşme Bakanlığı Müsteşar Yardımcısı Sayın Suat Hayri Aka’nın Daimi Temsilciliğimiz Tarafından Düzenlenen Resepsiyonda Yaptığı Konuşma

Suat Hayri Aka 12.05.2014

Mr. President,

Distinguished Representatives,

Members of the ICAO Secretariat,

As the Deputy Undersecretary responsible for the Turkish
civil aviation, this is my second visit to ICAO Headquarters. Last year I had
the privilege to attend the 6th Air Transport Conference in Montreal.

Although the hospitality and professionalism that I receive
remains the same, this time the Montreal weather is much more enjoyable and pleasant which I couldn’t
appreciate more. Joking aside, I must admit that every time I visit ICAO
and get to know you, I am truly
impressed by the
professionalism and high level
and quality of expertise that
this Organization has. So it is a true honor and privilege for me to be
able to with you today. Thank you for joining our reception.

Over the years, ICAO has undergone many changes but it remains
the only international framework for aviation. As such ICAO is no doubt the only global forum for
its member states and industry to develop technical and operational standards,
procedures and policies that enhance the integrity and efficiency of global air

Turkey shares the same vision with ICAO. Much more safe, secure,
green and sustainable civil aviation. We have to achieve this vision in order
to maintain global air transport as a powerful contributor to economic and
social development around the world.

It is with this understanding that today I have visited ICAO
and discussed with the President Dr. Benard Aliu and some of you on the current
challenges that ICAO is facing and how Turkey can enhance its contribution to ICAO.

It is was an
excellent opportunity for me to interact with you and President
Aliu together with our Representative
Ambassador Erciyes and Mr. Yalçın, Deputy DGCA of Turkey and the provisional
Council President of EUROCONTROL. We had very fruitful
discussions on many topics, one of which was the decision of Turkey and EUROCONTROL to support AFI program.

In my meetings I have
also touched upon our aviation sector.
In this respect, allow me to a few words to you too. Over the last decade, the Turkish aviation
sector has shown an unprecedented development and currently maintains a high
level of growth. 5 Airlines in Turkey flies to 236 international destinations in 110 countries. Of
course most credit goes to the Turkish Airlines, our flag carrier, which is now
the 14th largest airline in terms of RPK in the world according to recent ICAO
Air Transport Monitor. Istanbul Airport is now the 3rd busiest airport in
Europe according to the recent statistics of Airport Council International. Our
growth rate is expected to continue with double digits as Turkish air carriers
will double their fleet soon with more than 300 new aircraft orders (217 Boeing
– 95 Airbus). In order to address the capacity challenge of this rapid
development we have undertaken to build the world’s largest airport in Istanbul.
Overall, Turkish aviation has become one of the leading sectors of our economy
with an annual revenue of 22.5 billion USD with 173.000 employees.

Of course in order to sustain this rapid development. We
attach utmost importance to safety and security. That makes us to be further
determined today to assume a much more active role and to shoulder additional
responsibilities in ICAO through Council membership.

However, being a founder of ICAO, Turkey has not been represented in the Council since 1950 and we
believe time is ripe for this membership. Thanks to our ECAC partners which
have already endorsed Turkey’s candidacy last year for the next Council
elections to be held in 2016.

I am confident that with the support of all ICAO members
during the next General Assembly Turkey will be able to become a Council member after 66 years.

I thank you all once again for being with us today.

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