Cumhuriyet Bayramı Resepsiyonu

Büyükelçi, Daimi Temsilci Çağatay Erciyes 29.10.2013
H.E.Mr. Raymond Benjamin, Secretary General of ICAO
Distinguished Permanent Representatives
Dear Ambassadors, Consul Generals,
Honorable members of the Municipality of Montreal
Friends and Colleagues
My fellow Turkish Citizens
Ladies and Gentlemen

I would like to warmly welcome you all to our national day reception.We are all delighted and honored by your presence. And if you let me to say a few words to welcome my compatriots in Turkish;

‘’Değerli dostlarımız. Cumhuriyet Bayramı resepsiyonumuza hoşgeldiniz. Atatürk’ün ve aziz şehitlerimizin bize emanet ettiği Cumhuriyetimizin, ilanının 90. yılını kutladığımız bu güzel ve anlamlı günde, sizlerle birlikte olmaktan büyük mutluluk duyuyorum. Cumhuriyet Bayramımızı içtenlikle kutluyor, hepinize en kalpten selam, sevgi ve saygılarımı sunuyorum.’’

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, the Turkish nation and the Turks all around the world are celebrating with great pride the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey. The history of modern Turkey began with the foundation of our Republic exactly 90 years ago today. At the end of First World War Turkey chose a different future. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and the first President of modern Turkey freed the country after a hard-won independence war and laid down the political, legal, economic and social foundations of today’s modern Turkey.

Today, we the Turks, look back with a great sense of satisfaction and pride at the achievements of our Republic. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s vision has changed the entire fabric of the Turkish nation and transformed the country into a modern and progressive one. His vision, among many different areas, was also including the aviation. Atatürk was ahead of his time when he said in the 1920’s ‘’the future is in the skies’’. This is no doubt a very valid statement, even for today especially, under the roof of this organization. Thanks to his vision and the ensuing measures to fulfill it taken by the Turkish Government over the last decade, the Turkish aviation sector now shines brightly and it is expected to be much brighter for years to come. If I may share just a few figures with you:

•Today in our 52 airports, total passenger movements have reached 131 million.

•Our current 400 passenger aircraft fleet will be nearly doubled in a couple of years with the recent orders of 312 Boeing and Airbus aircraft by the Turkish air carriers.

•We have recently undertaken the most ambitious project of building the largest airport in the world, in Istanbul with an annual capacity of 150 million passengers.

•Our flag carrier, the Turkish Airlines, now serves to 103 countries with 237 destinations.

I can go on, but even these few figures indicate an unprecedented development of the Turkish aviation sector. That makes us to be further determined today to assume a much more active role and to shoulder additional responsibilities in ICAO.
Yet, being a founder of ICAO, Turkey has not been represented in the Council since 1950 and we believe time is ripe for this membership. We will therefore seek the support of all ICAO members in the next General Assembly for a seat in the Council after 66 years. Nevertheless, without further due, we now look forward to contributing to the work of the Air Navigation Commission. I am pleased to inform you today that Turkey, together with 15 European countries, have recently made a joint nomination to the ANC and seeking the kind support of the Council members at the elections to be held next month.

Ladies and Gentlemen

‘’The future is in the skies and its rules and standards have been and will always be set here in this building by the ICAO’’

It is a true honor and privilege for me to be able to get to know and work with you under the same roof. I thank you all once again for being with us today and sharing the joy of our national day. I hope you will enjoy the modest samples of the Turkish cuisine and the Turkish music.

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